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Dear Friend,

I don't know why you are visiting my site today, but I am so glad you stopped by! It is my prayer that you will find what you are looking for while you are here. I hope that you will check things out and find what you are looking for.

I don't know about you, but I know that I have learned through many trials and errors that staying in love and staying married is work! It is so easy to take for granted one's spouse and treat them in ways that are not loving and respectful. It takes constant vigilance to keep one's marriage alive and well. Sometimes we need some guidance to help us do the things we need to be doing in order to have successful marriages. The mere fact that there are so many resources available to help us would indicate to me that we need to take seriously what we do in our married lives.

I have been amazed at how many churches, marriage counselors, and ministries there are who are addressing this need. A quick search of the web will open the eyes in a hurry. My contribution to the mix is simply insights gleaned from many years of pastoral experience and married life. By no means is it the last word, but I believe it is a helpful word. If you are looking for a Biblical study or a scholarly work, you will be disappointed. What I offer to you is a common sense look at married life that is grounded in Scripture.

I believe every marriage can use some help. There are times in which I am challenged to go and "read the book". It is my prayer that the Lord will use what I have written to help you find the help you are looking for either for yourself or someone you know.

In His Service,

Jim Hughes